Domain Names by MuSystems

MuSystems buys and sells domain names.
If you’re unhappy with your current domain name, or simply need a new one, contact us at and let us help you.

Likewise, if you’d like help selling a domain name, we can help with that too – we actively purchase domain names for possible future resale.

Why might you want an additional domain name?
The most logical reason to acquire an additional domain name is if your ‘standard’ name is vague, or non-descriptive of your business or industry. This is a great way to improve your ranking in search engines.

Can I have more than one domain name come to my website, or do I need to develop a separate website for each one?
You can easily have multiple domain names share the same web site. We can help with that, or your hosting company can do it for you.
If you want to have separate web sites, go ahead. If one domain is entirely different than the other, this may make sense – it’s a lot of work for you (or your web developer) though.

Domain names make great gifts! Click here for info.